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About Us

Marksman Shooting Sports offers a large selection of new and collectable firearms, ammunition, accessories and range supplies.

Marksman Shooting Sports is designed to deliver a unique shopping experience to new and advanced firearms enthusiasts. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff caters to the needs and concerns of our customers.

We pride ourselves on offering friendly and expedient customer service with highly competitive prices. We stay current with market pricing to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your shooting equipment!

Bring your used firearms in for an offer!

We are the largest dealer of used firearms in the central Indiana area! Bring in your used firearms and we will make you a fair offer. Check out our YouTube channel (MarksmanTV) to see a variety of used firearms we have bought in the past.

Due to the ammo shortage, we are frequently out of stock of most calibers and brands of ammunition. We hope to see ammunition availability improve over the next several months. Please keep an eye on our webpage and social media outlets for updates on the ammunition supply shortage.

In addition to our extensive used firearms inventory, we also carry a full line of new firearms. Please click the "Firearms" link above to see a comprehensive list of the brands we carry.

Although we do not offer formal classes nor instruction, we do spend time with first time buyers to foster a calm and thorough shopping experience. We begin by identifying your needs and budget. We then provide you with a selection of firearms that fit those needs. We will also show you how to properly and safely operate, maintain and store your new purchase.

We understand large estates or collections can be difficult to bring into our store. Let us come to you, instead! We do make home visits for collections (of 20 firearms or more) in the central Indiana area. Just call us to let us know what you have. We are happy to schedule a home visit that works with your schedule.

Due to our large online presence in the used firearms space, we frequently get in a large variety of rare and unusual firearms. We routinely showcase these firearms on our Facebook account and YouTube channel.

We aim to be your one-stop shop for your range needs. We carry ear and eye protection, to make sure you are equipped for a safe and fun trip to the range.

We do receive firearms transfers from out-of-state vendors for a $40 fee (per firearm). Our FFL is on file with most large dealers. If we are not on file, just email us your order info to and we will take care of the rest! At this time, we do not offer NFA transfers